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Things That Make Me Happy

These are in no particular order, just wrote them down as they popped into my head

1. My Parents
2. Long talks with my Dad
3. My furbabies, Kitty and Grizzly
4. Dinner with Grandpa
5. Road Trips
6. Driving anywhere that is for pleasure
7. Sunny Days
8. The ocean
9. The coast
10. Red Lipstick
11. Jennifer
12. Long chats with Nick on facebook
13. Clean sheets
14. Having ideas
15. Day-dreaming
16. Reading
17. Woodstove heat
18. Rain on the rooftop
19. Tea
20. Making dinner with friends
21. Kitchen dancing
22. Rainy days
23. Adventures
24. Impromtu plans
25. Hanging out with my Mum
26. Bright yellow highlighters
27. A pretty dress
28. Wearing red lipstick
29. Englishman River
30. Coming home
31. Good calls at work
32. Giving the gift of my crochet to someone
33. Getting mail that isn’t bills
34. Payday
35. New pillows
36. Yarn browsing
37. Browsing for new/ new-to-me books
38. New books
39. Quirky, kitchsy used book stores, like Russell’s
40. Enjoying the evening with good food, good wine and good people
41. Life-long friends
42. Browsing home décor stores and building my dream house in my mind
43. Sharpies
44. Organizing things
45. Fixing things
46. Building things
47. Baking
48. Cooking with new recipes
49. Whiskey and gingerale
50. When other people know the phonetic alphabet
51. The smell of rain
52. Getting compliments
53. Fresh bread
54. When other people make me delicious things
55. Stationary
56. Things that remind me of home
57. Accomplishing tasks/ finishing my to-do lists
58. Favourite songs on the radio
59. Making memories
60. Freshly dyed hair
61. Going out for brunch
62. Kisses that thrill
63. Productive days
64. Unexpected money in my accounts (Tax rebates, usually)
65. Knowing the answer to a hard question
66. Good hair days
67. A new pair of excellent shoes
68. Getting out of the city
69. Fuzzy hoodies
70. Thunderstorms
71. Enjoying a beautiful sunset
72. Catching up with an old friend
73. Being barefoot
74. BBQs at my parents’ house, with friends and family; good food, good people at the best place.
75. Making plans
76. Going to concerts
77. Getting pedicures and manicures
78. Flowers in my mum’s garden
79. Laughter
80. Unexpected moments of incredible things
81. Raspberries from my bushes in the garden
82. Watching my dogs gently nose their way through eating all the raspberries at “nose height” and then beg for more berries when I’m picking the higher ones
83. Flowering trees (Apples/Cherries) in the spring
84. Clear, starry nights
85. Picnics
86. Going for a run
87. Swimming in a lake
88. Soaking up the sunshine
89. Campfires
90. Hot tub parties
91. Playing card games with friends
92. Dancing like a fool
93. Flowers in my home
94. Puppies
95. Twisty mountain highways
96. Fizzy lemonade
97. Realising a dream
98. Seeing my family happy
99. Making others happy
100. Going anywhere I would need my passport for
101. Exploring
102. Going new places
103. Knowing I have some pretty damn amazing friends
104. Night swimming
105. Skinny dipping
106. Fresh bedding
107. Laying in bed/on the couch with someone I care about, listening to the rain against the window/roof
108. When the days get longer
109. A perfectly made London Fog or Chai Vanilla latte
110. Belting out that song on the radio with the windows down
111. Paid vacation days
112. Seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time
113. Bright colours
114. Changes for the better
115. Hugs
116. Old growth forests
117. Mountains in my skyline
118. Finding great new art for my room
119. Giggling uncontrollably
120. Home spa nights with Em
121. Sitting on a dock in the sun/ standing on a dock in the rain
123. Prettily wrapped gifts
124. When people remember my birthday
125. Peonies
126. Mum’s purple roses
127. Museums
128. Art galleries
129. Local kitsch shops
130. Bubble Baths
131. Wearing Daddy’s St Christopher medallion
132. Wearing Grandma’s ring, and watching it sparkle in the sun
133. Walking on the beach
134. Moments when I realise I’m okay with me
135. Driving over the Langevin bridge at night
136. Finishing crochet projects
137. Kisses
138. Discovering something new
139. Planning things
140. Camping
141. Planning a camping trip!
142. Spending holidays with my family
143. How happy my furbabies are to see me when I come home
144. Home
145. A good cup of tea with a good book
146. Fresh, hot french fries
147. Having a project to work on
148. Finishing a project I can be proud of
149. Cuddles
150. Slow dancing
151. A clean house
152. Putting my eyeliner on straight
153. A well-cut dress
154. Going somewhere – anywhere, even for a day
155. Getting flowers
156. New nail polish

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