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Life List

  1. Own a home, make it my own
  2. Grow a garden
  3. Get a backstage pass for a concert
  4. Raise some puppies
  5. See Paris in the Fall
  6. Picnic at Eiffel Tower
  7. Go to London (again)
  8. Go to Ireland
  9. Go to New York
  10. Wander through Central Park, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, see Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building.
  11. Go to Rome and/or Venice
  12. Go to the Smithsonian, Louvre, MOMA
  13. Go to Germany
  14. Go white-water rafting
  15. Start a tradition
  16. Kiss someone I love in the pouring rain
  17. Be an expert on something
  18. See Niagara Falls
  19. Pay off credit card
  20. Pay off student loans
  21. Pay off car loan
  22. Catch some beads down at Mardi Gras
  23. Drive across the continent
  24. Host a radio show
  25. Take a drawing class
  26. Fill a sketchbook
  27. Try to publish some stories
  28. Grow my hair long enough to do a fishtail braid
  29. Get another tattoo (Maybe be brave – try for a sleeve?!)
  30. Learn to operate a chainsaw
  31. Be comfortable handling power tools
  32. See a live play
  33. Be conversational in French
  34. Be socially active (Host regular gatherings for tea, board games, dinner, etc)
  35. Own a stylish wardrobe and groom accordingly
  36. Try being a redhead
  37. Read every book on this list. (Except LotR, I read The Hobbit, that’s enough)
  38. Go on a trip alone
  39. Participate in the Colour Run
  40. Road-trip to the Grand Canyon
  41. Host a dinner party
  42. Dance with someone in the kitchen
  43. Cook my way through a cookbook
  44. Hike the Grind
  45. Buy a meal for the next table over
  46. Watch fireworks from a rooftop
  47. Own a 1960something Mustang
  48. Run 5K
  49. Fill a journal with things I’m grateful for
  50. Learn to whistle with two fingers
  51. Dig for clams
  52. Eat a fish I caught
  53. Kiss under mistletoe
  54. Catch fireflies
  55. Have a bonfire on the beach with good friends
  56. Skinnydip in another country and/or ocean (Already ticked off Pacific!)
  57. Acquire a DSLR camera, and know how to use the settings
  58. Attend a country bonfire/ headlight circle party
  59. Go to an outdoor multi-day music festival. (Rock The Shores 2014!)
  60. Learn to fiddle and/or banjo
  61. Be missed by someone special
  62. See Niagara Falls
  63. Be on the Continental Divide
  64. Send a letter in a bottle
  65. Enjoy a day at the hot springs
  66. Send my brother and his wife on a vacation
  67. Send my parents on vacation
  68. Own a clawfoot tub and/or clawfoot tub sofa
  69. Be a maid of honour
  70. Dive off the high board without being scared
  71. See Garth Brooks in concert
  72. Travel by train
  73. Sleep under the stars
  74. Use solar power
  75. Give my Dad a stack of 50s
  76. Attend a symphony performance
  77. Road-trip to California
  78. Watch a Canucks game at the arena
  79. Live abroad
  80. Volunteer at a shelter
  81. Donate school supplies
  82. Learn to knit
  83. Make perfect macaroons
  84. Do a 52 book challenge – a book a week
  85. Love with my whole heart
  86. Be a bridesmaid
  87. Go to Mexico
  88. Own a KitchenAid stand mixer
  89. See a Spirit Bear
  90. Fly in a hot air balloon
  91. Learn calligraphy
  92. Bungy jump
  93. See Our Lady Peace in concert
  94. See Jimmy Eat World in concert
  95. Make something gorgeous for myself
  96. Stand on the -est most points of the Island
  97. Play on the playground, fly a kite, have a picnic, swim in fresh water
  98. Finish Duke of Edinburgh Gold level
  99. Complete a colouring book
  100. Learn to tie a tie
  101. Cook a turkey dinner
  102. Skate at the Olympic Plaza rink
  103. Send a secret to PostSecret
  104. Float down a river
  105. Take a photo with a sequin background
  106. Celebrate New Year’s in another country
  107. Knit a sweater (baby sweater)
  108. Learn the two-step
  109. Do something in each province
  110. Go on a canoe trip

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