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Monthly Archives: August 2014


My eyes still shine, brightly like the summer’s sunshine refracting in a clear pool
They shine with expectations, they shine for adventures; never knowing the hurt that is coming their way.
Shining through tears, through the inevitable heartache that comes with the tentative first euphoria.

Clear blues reflect the skies, cheerful when my heart is blackened and charred; destruction ravages like Kristallnacht, they lie to the outside and none can tell the difference. They shine when my heart blooms, as mum’s gardens in full bloom colourful and lively, exhibiting unstoppable energy within

My eyes will still shine on moonlit nights, on black velvet nights without stars; they will shine when age has dulled my light when Time has stripped me of my loves and deny to the world the depth of my sorrow as they shine on, shining brightly as the tears trail. They will shine on as on sunny days of my young days