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It’s been a few days, internet!

Don’t worry – it wasn’t because I didn’t love you anymore. I’ve been busy. Got the chance to surrender a shift at work (which I will probably regret next week on payday but my mental health justified that immensely.) and so I went to the island! I called my parents bright and early and said I could come out and made plans with a friend from work to spend some time in Vic and off I went to the airport. Got to surprise some family members, and it was good to see my parents again. I do miss them (Happy Birthday mum!).

Going to the island was exactly what I needed. I got to talk to some people I really admire and respect which was lovely. The time in the sun and salt air cleared out my soul (God, I sound like a hippy. It’s the island spirit, you can’t escape it) and my mind feels refocused. Even though we didn’t spend any time right down by the water, it was still fantastic and because my friend picked up the guy at the place we got lunch, we got a campfire, too.

Started to move today. Went for a final walk through and got the key to the new place. New landlord and I chatted for like, 2 hours. I like her, she seems like a solid person. And her dog is pretty awesome. Bo and I will have a lot of fun together. Very excited to have my work station away from my bed; I think that is what I am most looking forward to. That and seeing the stars way more often. I’ve missed the night skies living in the city. Like the song goes, I need wide open spaces sometimes and looking at the stars helps ground me and reconnect me to the earth and life.

Also booked my flight to Dublin and my accommodation for the overnight before my trip back to Canada. Flight is at 8:20, have to be at airport for 6:30, that’s an early morning that doesn’t need to be made worse by a midnight train and 4 hr nap on the airport floor. Booking this flight has really made me wish there were better schedules from Canada to the UK. They haven’t changed since the last time I went to the UK. Still landing at the crack of dawn and losing a whole day to travel. Oh well. I’m not paying very much for this travel so I think I should complain less and count my blessings.

On that note, I am going to go count a few blessings and reflect on all the good things in my life. New chapters shouldn’t be steeped in negativity and the clutches of the past. I am looking forward to what’s next and looking forward to continuing my adventures.

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