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When push comes to shove is when we discover more about ourselves – what we are capable of and where we’ve grown and still need to grow.  I guess this is a never ending process and I suppose there isn’t anything I couldn’t do; just a bunch of things I’d really prefer not to do.

With this new beginning I am going to try to keep being a good person and be more active about it. I’m going to find some community groups that need a hand and help out – now that my work schedule is “normal people hours”, I really don’t have an excuse. If I’m going to call out someone else’s poor behaviour I really need to be able to defend my own behaviours.

Regardless, I have missed being active in my community and I am looking forward to moving to a new community that feels a lot closer to home, even though it’s another 30k east of home… And who knows – maybe I’ll make some friends with like-minded individuals out there and when I earn my promotion I might even settle in on a more permanent place.

I am also very excited about my upcoming travels. There is a piece of my heart that hopes for dreams and wishes to come true; but I am pretty certain that those dreams and wishes are a mite lofty and won’t come true (at least this round). But hey – it’s been ten years and there is still a spark after being separated with such distance and time, who knows what will happen?

The point of blogging is like an online journal to me – I have been very lax in my writing lately and want to develop this skill. The only way to really develop any skill is to do it, and do it often. So, you’re getting treated to my ramblings and rants, mild insights and memories. While I don’t think I’ll ever write a book, perhaps I will write better short stories, which are mostly for my enjoyment. (Which I don’t really share, sorry guys.) There is a pleasure to writing; to making words from thoughts and working out my troubles and such “with pen and paper”, or more literally “keys and a screen”.

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  1. Mike Tennisco

    I have to tell you, NEVER give up on your dreams! Dreams help to make you who you are!


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