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A Year of Adventure

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We’re already well into 2014, but I decided around mid-January that I needed to stop letting the days slip by, filling my hours with work, sleep, netflix and yarn. ┬áBecause I netflix and crochet or knit endlessly. I love making things, and I love learning new skills and techniques to improve those skills, but I can make beautiful things my whole life. What I can’t do my whole life is get a second shot to relive the days I let pass by.

So I decided I would get out more. Do things I want to do but never make the time for, or feel like it’s something I should be doing.

I started by reconnecting with someone I really enjoyed meeting last spring. We’re not dating, and we’re not in a relationship, but we get together and enjoy each others company while doing something. We’ve started having lunches together on my days off, and we’ve made a semi-habit of movie nights. We started with a few movies that the other hadn’t seen, but needed to see to maintain a friendship and understand half of our references and jokes.

We went skating at the Olympic park downtown (where we nearly froze it was so cold outside), we went to an art exhibit opening (so lovely, talked to the artist for quite some time). He sort of invited me to a Slow Dance Party, and I ended up stealing most of the dances anyway. I really enjoy being with him and maybe when the timing is better we might have a relationship but for right now, our friendship is wonderful.

I’m planning two big trips this year, and I could not be more excited about it. June is Vegas – Los Angeles – San Fransisco. Grand Canyon and shopping, Hollywood and Disneyland, exploration and soaking up the culture.

Because I still get homesick, I went to Vancouver in January and to Victoria for the day for my birthday to see my family. I also spent the morning catching up with an old friend which was much needed and so great to see him again. We ended up having dinner with his family, which was also great because I love his family. They’re my adopted family in my heart.

Breaking my solitary habits is pretty hard though I’m pushing myself to get out more. I joined a “meet up” club, and actually went to my first event – pub trivia. We placed 13/19 teams with a score of 53/100. We did pretty okay! I’d love to go again.
Now I just need to go to a few more events and make some friends.

So far, I am pleased with the start of my year of adventure. I am looking forward to seeing what troubles I can get myself into and how I can really enjoy my life. Letting it just slip by is a shame and a waste; I refuse to get old without living a little.