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I feel trapped by my job.

I shouldn’t – I am too young to let work control my life, I should make the most of my days, rah rah rah!

However, I work shift work. I know my days off well in advance and I know my schedule three weeks out. So I can plan for things.

Except I can’t.

I can’t sign up for a 6 week art course because we went from having only certain hours we could be scheduled for at work to being “open” and having “preferences” that don’t always fall into what you want (or need) to fit your life.  And yes, we can trade shifts but sometimes it is like peeling someone’s fingernails off to try to get a trade (as in it ain’t happening).

I can’t sign up for a running group because if I take the 6am group, I might be working until 11:30pm, or later. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen me in the morning, but I tend me be more dragon than lady.

Okay, yes, fine. I could sign up for courses and beg and plead and even bribe people to trade me shifts, but I feel like I should be able to have a general schedule and plan my life around that. I could just have a nap after my run. But I feel like I shouldn’t have to sign up for something with the disclaimer of “I can only make 3 of the 8 sessions” or however many of the set.

Luckily, some variety has been introduced in my work day – I’ve been accepted to a special project in Guest Relations. MAN are there some entitled people out there. I realize you’ve paid for your flight, and made arrangements but did you not think of any sort of contingency plan for travel over the holiday season in CANADA? Where we have WINTER? Like, snow and ice, fog and freezing rain? Things that make flying potentially unsafe? Sorry your TV flickered while you were hurtling through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles an hour, traversing thousands of miles in only a few hours. Do you know how long it takes to drive from Toronto to Miami? WEEKS. It takes WEEKS. You’re whining that you got there in 7 hours instead of your planned 5? UGH.


Some people.

Now, I know we have a lot of complaints and really, as sarcastic as I am when I read them and scoff out loud to my computer screen, I do understand these guests are upset with a service they paid for. I send them a lovely little reply and sometimes a credit if it’s warranted. I really do love the variety of feedback we get from a simple submission of “good” to a five page novella about the flight experience. Guests submitting Kudos to our agents, other guests who rip us a new one because we had the audacity to cancel a flight because a bird went through the engine and caused some very serious mechanical problems….  (For the record, birds and jet engines are not compatible.)

But I look at my schedule and it’s all over the place. I go from a week (glorious week) of 10-6:30 starts. The next week ranges from 6:15am to 2:30pm starts. How am I supposed to make a life for myself when I can barely adhere to a sleep schedule?



Whine whine whine.



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