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Happiness is a Fish in the Pacific

Life’s going pretty great right now.

I’m satisfied in my work, and I manage to turn grumpy callers into at least grudgingly pleased ones by being pleasant and by doing everything I can to help them out. Overall, all my calls are pretty great.

By forcing myself to finish the half-done crochet projects I feel a slight sense of accomplishment – once I actually finish one of them it’ll be much better! And then I know what I’m working on next and might bring it on the plane tomorrow with me, so I can work on it, too. First project to finish is a big blanket, so if anyone wants one, let me know! Second project is a toque done in a stitch I haven’t learned yet but looks beautiful so I thought I’d try it.

Working nights has given me a lot of freedom to get out and run errands during the day – so I’ve finally fixed my dresser, picked up a hinge for the hall cabinet, I’ve been able to help out with the dishes several times a week, and get dinner at least done in part. Still working on keep on top of my laundry, but it’s not as disastrous as it was before!

Currently, I should be packing and getting myself ready for my trip home tomorrow- just another whirlwind trip. Aunty Judy offered to pick me up from the airport and then we’re going to check out some of my favourite local haunts. Russells Books better be prepared, I have some browsing to do! And a very large reading list, so I should try to pick up a few of those.

Life is pretty great. I should make more days this exciting and wonderful. ❤


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