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Acceptance and Dreams

I have so many plans, dreams and wishes for this year; it’s hard to stay focused on any one thing. I start projects all the time but have trouble finishing. This bothers me – I have so much ambition but the follow-through is lacking.
Recently, I’ve started to hold myself more accountable to myself.

Having time to myself to focus on who I am outside of Scouting has been great – I’m finally learning, and allowing myself to learn, about facets of my person that I haven’t even thought about before.
Being better about agreeing to projects and forcing myself to finish projects (like the various crochet projects I’ve had over the years that are half-finished and languishing in the yarn bin).

I’m making myself define my goals more clearly to myself. This has always been a struggle and I want to make it habit. Measuring success and celebrating them more often in positive ways – no more “well, you did this but this other thing still sucks/isn’t working/didn’t turn out” thoughts when I’m thinking about goals.

There are so many things I’d like to do, want to do, need to do. There is a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days – and some of those (many of those) are simple things. There is no reason for me to procrastinate so long on them other than a lack of follow-through.
Maybe I need to make several lifestyle changes, and be more conscious of what does actually work for me.
To-do lists motivate me, and help break down huge lists of tasks. When I have a million things to do in a day, I find days where I make that to-do list are far more successful in terms of completing tasks than when I chose not to write it down.

Maybe I need to be more strict with myself in certain regards. But I also need to give myself more permissions to be free, to care less about certain things and to embrace opportunities more. To care less about how others perceive me and to know that as long as I’m not doing anything illegal or that my parents would grossly disapprove of, I’ll be okay.


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  1. You may find this article of interest:

    ‘Lifestyle changes’ don’t have to be drastic to make huge impacts. Learning and changing up what your 10 most common meals are will affect 90% of what you eat. Ten!

    Check out this article for steps to set up new habits: I found it quite useful.


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