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So, when I started this blog, I wasn’t happy with a lot of things. To an extent, I’ve come to tolerate most things I didn’t like about myself.

I’ve had a bit of a catalyst lately. And now, I’m ready to commit to changes that I have been talking about, thinking about, wishing for, etc for some time.
 For a long time, I’ve struggled with my hair. I love being blonde, it’s my natural colour and it’s nice to have an increasingly rare genetic code that produces blonde. I also love long hair, and miss how long and thick it was when I was in school. Currently, it’s about shoulder-length – It was a little past my shoulders and as my layers were all reaching the same length, my hair felt and looked thick. (I have super fine hair, but it is actually very thick, a trait common of blondes) I got it cleaned up a little before I started my new job, trimmed the ends and cleaned up some of the straggly layers.

But it’s not sticking around for long. It’s going to go short, because I like short hair and I also want to lighten it. As much as I long for natural blonde, long hair, I don’t have the patience to grow it out and it’s not what I want right now. I’m young, I have my whole life to grow out my hair.

I would also like to change my wardrobe, but that’s an expensive undertaking, even looking through consignment and thrift shops for items. So this is a more gradual process but I’m going to be sticking to it a little more than I have in the past. I work in an environment that allows jeans, so I don’t feel as restricted as I have in the past.

So yeah. Things are happening and I’m excited for it!


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