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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Go West, Young Man

My parents came! They’re here! Well, they came last night and spent today at my uncles house building him a deck.

With them they brought all my stuff I had packed into the  shop and now I feel like I have way too much. Many things are going into storage as they are duplicates but it’ll be easier this way.
(They brought me pickles! I am SO excited for homemade pickles!)

Anyway. I really want to take my tent and sleeping bag and mattress and go spend a weekend not plugged in. Go set up on my tailgate and watch the sky, the stars, go jump in a lake and explore this new province.  Alberta apparently has lakes  and rivers that you can swim in but I haven’t found any yet. I haven’t been jn the water all summer and I miss it. My island fish roots are screaming in neglect.

Maybe next weekend will see this adventure happen. I really hope it does!