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Change (But Be Yourself Now)

Wide Mouth Mason – Change.

So, it’s a rough mile or three in my life right now.

I have been unemployed since January. Admittedly, I was picky about where to apply and hope for my next employment stint, but now the crunch is on. Victoria doesn’t have a lot of jobs.
Retail is always an option, but I don’t want to fold more clothes for minimum wage. I have put my time in and paid my retail dues. Something a little more cerebral is what I’m looking for – I want a challenge and for my brain to be engaged. Or something a little more mindless that pays me between 17-20 an hour.
I want to buy or maybe even build a house, and I want it before I’m 40. To make that happen, I need disposable income to squirrel away.

My romantic life is a facsimile of a sham. Victoria doesn’t present a lot of options and while I do not require a boyfriend to be whole (How can you be a whole person if you are only half of something?), a partner in crime and affection would be nice.

Jen and I were supposed to be in Paris right now, right this very second. Instead, I got laid off and couldn’t afford the airfare when it was cheap. So that dream is postponed indefinitely. (Insert extra big sigh here.)

And Scouting. My lifeblood. Where I found most the most incredible people in my life (My family and BFFL excepted), and how I find a lot of purpose and activity in my life right now.
I love my troop, I love that there are 11 cubs moving up in September and I’m excited to see the 3rd year Scouts move up to Venturers and I so dearly want to see Ian and Emilie blossom and flourish at the social camps.
Scouting, I love you dearly but I need a break. And a big one. I need some breathing space.
Since mid-March (I looked at my planner to verify.), this past weekend was my only free one until mid-June. It’s not all troop events, but there is a majority of troop events. Plus Rover camping, training and area things I’m doing on top of that.
There is also drama going on, which is probably nothing but I still feel a bit slighted.

In short, I need a change. A big one. Bigger than a bad haircut. And I think it’s gonna be coming down the pipes in 3 weeks or less.


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