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Monthly Archives: April 2012

City Beautiful

Where I live is pretty blessed. It’s full of  upper-class, old world citizens that live on these huge, extravagant estates with Million-Dollar homes, heritage designations and acres of lawns and gardens.

The other side of town is newer, but no less nice. Cookie-cutter houses with uniform patches of green out front, scattered with children’s toys and the detritus of life.

Everywhere you look there is a park near by, a green space for the locals to enjoy. We’re home to Mile 0, where Terry Fox started his journey across Canada.
The city has planted hundreds of flowering Cherry and Apple trees along avenues, parks and in the downtown core. Many of these trees have been strung with Christmas lights that twinkle and glow year-round, but look especially magical in the winter and right now, when they are in full bloom.

The petals create drifts of pink and white snow on the sidewalks, you can literally shovel the fallout from a day of wind.

It’s surreal to walk through a street, lined on both sides with light-wrapped trees displaying their showy flowers in the twilight. Like a romantic scene in a movie, where she is standing amongst the flowering grove and he comes walking up behind her to declare his true love for her… Or like Alice discovering Wonderland is strange, but somehow, just like home.
A sense of calm, a sense of peace. A sense that I won’t be able to enjoy this for a long time to come.

The city plants gardens everywhere it can – park borders, planted meridians in the roads, planters on the sidewalks, flowering trees, flower displays in parks, rose gardens, natural meadows, and anything else it can think of. Plus Buchart Gardens is a rose in our cap.

We are a tourist town, no doubt about it, but the citizens have long been concerned with the appearance of our city. Shop owners keep their sidewalks clean, stains on the sidewalk are washed away on a regular basis, the graffiti removal companies are always busy, and we have a relatively small visibly homeless population which stay out of the downtown core and are located a few blocks away.

I’ll miss it. I don’t see my new city being nearly as beautiful, sprawling for miles and miles, with nothing to contain it. I didn’t see many places for flowers or a lot of trees, but maybe once they reach spring, this will change. It’s still wintery there, so I’ll be sure to pack my woolens and warmest coats.


Change (But Be Yourself Now)

Wide Mouth Mason – Change.

So, it’s a rough mile or three in my life right now.

I have been unemployed since January. Admittedly, I was picky about where to apply and hope for my next employment stint, but now the crunch is on. Victoria doesn’t have a lot of jobs.
Retail is always an option, but I don’t want to fold more clothes for minimum wage. I have put my time in and paid my retail dues. Something a little more cerebral is what I’m looking for – I want a challenge and for my brain to be engaged. Or something a little more mindless that pays me between 17-20 an hour.
I want to buy or maybe even build a house, and I want it before I’m 40. To make that happen, I need disposable income to squirrel away.

My romantic life is a facsimile of a sham. Victoria doesn’t present a lot of options and while I do not require a boyfriend to be whole (How can you be a whole person if you are only half of something?), a partner in crime and affection would be nice.

Jen and I were supposed to be in Paris right now, right this very second. Instead, I got laid off and couldn’t afford the airfare when it was cheap. So that dream is postponed indefinitely. (Insert extra big sigh here.)

And Scouting. My lifeblood. Where I found most the most incredible people in my life (My family and BFFL excepted), and how I find a lot of purpose and activity in my life right now.
I love my troop, I love that there are 11 cubs moving up in September and I’m excited to see the 3rd year Scouts move up to Venturers and I so dearly want to see Ian and Emilie blossom and flourish at the social camps.
Scouting, I love you dearly but I need a break. And a big one. I need some breathing space.
Since mid-March (I looked at my planner to verify.), this past weekend was my only free one until mid-June. It’s not all troop events, but there is a majority of troop events. Plus Rover camping, training and area things I’m doing on top of that.
There is also drama going on, which is probably nothing but I still feel a bit slighted.

In short, I need a change. A big one. Bigger than a bad haircut. And I think it’s gonna be coming down the pipes in 3 weeks or less.