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Mid-Twenties Disillusionment

I have a general feeling of discontent lately. I feel as though life is stalling and I can’t play the clutch to make first gear stick.

Nothing in particular is really worth whinging about, it’s just a series of small (or some larger) disappointments – turned down from job interviews, not a lot of postings coming up to apply for, projects on hold, a feeling of general worry and fear of what the future will hold for our society (American Politics. As a woman, those “Presidential” candidates have some SCARY ideas of how my body should be ruled; and I’m not even American!), I feel like I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends, my attempts at dating aren’t proving as fruitful as I’d hoped but I’m not rushing into things, etc etc etc.

Things were cruising along, I felt like I had direction and purpose. Maybe I’m even more my father’s daughter than I thought – Dad can’t stand sitting still and not doing anything, unless it’s for an hour or two after a hard days’ work. I love having projects and things to work on to the point where I get overwhelmed and have a sort of mental/stress breakdown.
I mean, after finishing a huge project or event, I love having some time to relax and enjoy it, but I hate having a string of lazy days where I don’t need to bother getting dressed and spend my day creeping on the internet.  Gimme something to sink my teeth into!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better, brighter day. Thanks for listening to me whinge, internet.


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