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BHAG? It’s a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. I didn’t come up with this, I credit the 10th Pacific Coast Rover Crew.

I want to own a house in 5 years. Paid in full, my name on the deed, own a house. I don’t know where it’ll be, I don’t expect it to be a mansion, but a house. With a yard. And at least one puppy.

I’m already working towards this, sort of. I have some investments, thank you to my modest inheritances from my Oma (Great-grandmother) and Grandma Elsie. Plus a couple hundred in my savings account.
I’ll be getting a high-paying summer job, so I will be learning to spend prudently (If I get the job I really want. I’ll be too busy to do much but work and sleep, and save a forest or two). If (when) I do get that job, I’ll be funnelling most of my dollars into savings and investments, which will be an excellent kick-start to this venture.

I want to fill it with light, colour, art, comfortable and interesting furniture, and so many books. A whole room of bookshelves, filled to overflowing. Have the kitchen be a place to gather, friends to fill it with laughter and warmth over dinner and a glass of wine.

As I get older and find my life turning out so weirdly and so vastly different from how I thought/figured/assumed it would turn out, I am finding myself feeling more lost and at loose ends. It’s strange. I guess this is growing up?

When my mum was 25, she had a toddler, a husband and a house (Or they were almost buying their house, I’m not exactly sure). I know everyone goes through life different than other people. but I would like to have at least one thing go “normally”. 

A home, a dog (or 6) and a truck. What else could a lady need?



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