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Highway One, West

Narrow, winding ribbon of pavement;
Gray against the varigated greens of the coniferous forests
That surround the highway.
This asphalt ribbon leads me ever closer to where I  love to be.

Golden dandelions and red-red poppies,
Ocean Spray and Salmonberry dominate the shoulders;
Quickly falling away in typical mountain fashion.
Gullies lead to National jewels, snow-capped and wonderful.

Avalanche tunnels recall childhood memories
“Hey, look at the bears at the top”.
Daddy pointed to the cemented designs;
While my Mum and brother slept the 2 am drive away.

Ever-changing landscapes treat my eyes, but they keep a constant green.
The Firs, Pines, Poplars, Maples and Cedars are all familiar friends;
They welcome me home, pleasing to my coastal eyes.

Clouds shroud the very tops pf the Banff mountains,
Covering their splendid snow caps and tree lines.
Hazy horizons show dark, thick with virgin forests.
The same narrow highway climbs one mountain, descends another.
Switchbacks make the passengers sway in their seats, a smile for the perceived danger.

Avalanche tracks flow from the mountain sides,
Grey-brown against the brilliant greens of the forest in sunshine.
Talus slopes growing new life, shrubs and Alders in the rock.
Water collecting at their feet.

Home doesn’t seem so far away;
These mountains belong to me, they are my inheritance and history to share.
Wild and free, filled with the majestic and splendour of natural beauty.
Regal firs, tall and heavy with cones; spindly Pines, growing thin and straight, battling the beetle.
Bright green Poplars and Cottonwoods promise brilliant Autumn scenes.

From rocky, foggy, mountainous coast to rocky, red, low-laying coast
A narrow grey-black thread unites this country.
Beauty and splendour like no other place, yet most inhabitant fail to see
How lucky they are.


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