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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Rearview Mirror

2011 sure was a year. Yup.

Started alone, is gonna end alone, circle of life and all that.
I say started alone because Nick was in Australia and I wasn’t sure if we were in a relationship or just dating at that point. We decided later that we started being boyfriend/girlfriend in November, when he kissed me. But it sure is gonna end alone, I know this for fact!

No midnight kisses for me, for the fourth year running! Fifth, if you don’t count silly, drunken pecks from other silly and drunk friends at the gay bar at midnight. Hooray. Forever Alone indeed.

Enough lamenting my seemingly-permanent singleton status.

2011 saw lots of things. Saw me grow as a person due to a wonderful man  – he engaged my mind in ways no one had, made me think harder and better and be more aware. He also helped me find a job, which was very lovely of him.
It saw us have some wonderful adventures – that night in Tofino was a bit of a gongshow but still very fun.
My favourite, sweetest memory came near the end, but that night was so perfect. No matter how many times I go back to Byng and sit in someone’s lap, and that person is sitting on a stump by the kitchen/hall, in the twilight, it won’t be the same. He kissed me like he meant it.

2011 saw me graduate! I have official education now. Even if my degree is printed on cheap printer paper (The ream of paper I picked up at Staples two years ago is a heavier paper than my degree.), it still counts!  Hell, my typing test certificate is cardstock and embossed, and it’s just from Sprott-Shaw.

2011 saw me get a “real” job, a Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm gig. That was interesting. And what I can look forward to for the next 40 years. Yay.

2011 has been the start of Camp Coyote (@Camp_Coyote, which is an exciting project to work on. I’m hoping it turns out well!
Also saw me accept an Area Role as Deputy Area Commissioner – Rover Scouts. I need to step up in this role more.
And become the Mate for my Rover Crew. I also need to step up in this role more.

2011 saw my birthday forgotten by almost everyone – including my parents. (I had to call home, Mum didn’t mention it until after I said something, Dad thought it was the next day, Brother called the wrong Amanda.)

2011 saw Misty come home from Ohio. It’s been an interesting situation. I’ve never lived with friends before, I don’t think I would again. It’s hard to be roommates and maintain a friendship sometimes, especially when you’re so different from each other.

2011 saw Eddie and KC get married! That was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed being their wedding planner and working with them to create a day they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

2011 also saw the first BC Rover Moot in a long time! That was a good weekend. I learned a lot, and it was so much fun to travel with Cholley and Grant and Misty in Cholley’s Jeep. SO MUCH FUN.

2011 saw me decide I don’t want kids – my own kids – but this doesn’t mean I don’t like the kids that my friends have. Or that I won’t one day adopt or foster children. (I wanted him to ask if I’d consider having his.) Or, maybe I’ll bow to pressure and just have a bloody kid. (I can’t think of anything more terrible right now. ugh.)

2011 saw me make my first visit to Calgary solo – I spent the weekend with Emily and I am so glad I did. I miss her, she’s one amasing lady I’m glad to call my (best) friend.

So it was a year. I wished some things had gone differently, but nothing I can do about that.

I don’t have high expectations for 2012. I know I want to create a better Rovering community in Victoria, and have Coyote be a success. I would like to see the Personal Development Plans come into play in my Crew/Area, I think they have a lot of value.
I am going to Rifflandia, which will be my first-ever Music festival. I lucked out and got one of the awesome Boxing Day passes – full festival for $100! Be jealous.

Hopefully 2012 will be kind to me. I hope it is kind to you! Happy New Year, all.