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Monthly Archives: April 2011

End of Term Madness

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Oh man you guys. So much school.

You’d think my three classes and not working would mean ease of life and lots of time to do whatever, like writing my papers.

And for most of the semester, it was super lax and great!
Then my profs all assigned major papers due in the same week. Eek!

So I’ve spent the last couple weeks stressed beyond hope. I did manage to crank out two of my papers and then asked for an extension for my last one. I was granted a one-day extension, which was a great relief. And then my prof issued a blanket 5 day extension! Praise be to Wonderful Profs!

So I am feeling much less stressed and can now start forming thoughts in my head beyond “oh Lord, it’s all too much. Panic. Stress. Panic. I can’t do this. It’s too much. etc etc etc”

Also, it’s why I’m not around much lately. Writing papers on Muslim immigration and integration in Holland and France and then another paper on Sam Beckett’s Endgame (depressing play, bee-tea-dubs) have over taken my time to the point of missing Scouts. (Which was sad, but it was the gun safety seminars for the firearms camp this weekend which I am not attending because I do not like guns and avoid them whenever possible.)

And for those who care, I am doing well, other than the end of term stress. I’m still searching for a job but have a couple leads. I can only do my best to secure one of the leads down.

Next week is the last week of class which is really nice to think about, even if we are the last school to be wrapping up the term… UVic got out last week and I’m pretty sure other universities across the province and country are done already. AND they get a full week for spring break, we got 2 days (well, I got 5, but that’s neither here nor there.).

But it’s nearly midnight, so I’m to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!