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Never Never Land

This past weekend, I helped my Rover crew plan and carry out a Fairy Tales themed camp for our Group. Which meant planning a good program for nearly 40 youth aged 5- 14.

It went Most Excellently.

I’m not kidding, All the sections had fun, the leaders and parents were so impressed. Even with a severe lack of sleep, I had a lot of fun. (And I wasn’t expecting to have much on a only a slight nap!)

The Cub Scouts were the 20 Dwarves (Riki-Tiki-Tavi was Snow White, it made sense. Was also easy-peasy to kit them out as Dwarves.)  Complete with eye-liner facial hair!

We had Wonderland Croquet, with some AMASING Flamingo golf clubs. There was a skill-testing course and an obstacle course down below, and the last activity in our round-robin was gingerbread decorating.

Everyone had a great time. Everyone was so great. All the Rover costumes turned out Fantastic. We had a Gingy, Cinderella, Alice, Snow White, Price Phillip, Sleeping Beauty/Aurora, Puss in Boots, Story Master and my favourite, Tinkerbell

I think what I liked best was the smiles on everyone’s faces.  Everyone was so happy, and having so much fun. Everyone was a good sport too! (Thanks Poppa Bear, for being so good-humoured about Campfire. I didn’t know Richard didn’t know the cement pad wasn’t gravel…)

Campfire was good, too. I think it was about as formal as it could have been, given the circumstances. The skits were alright, the songs were okay. The kids even came up with some camp-themed cheers!

That’s why I’m in Scouting. To have fun, make friends, do silly things and make sure others are enjoying themselves.

(I wish I could embed that, but I don’t know how to take it from facebook…)

(PS: Photo Credits to Mike Tennisco. I know he took the Tink pic, but the Dwarf might have been someone else. From his photo album though)


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