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Photo Challenge: Part 1

I’ve got a couple of friends doing the 30-day photo challenge (Facebook) and a couple more doing a project 365, too.
I don’t want to/ I won’t remember to post a picture a day for a month or year. So, I’m going to do the 30-photo challenge. I’ll make a couple posts with several pictures, following the guidelines for the challenge!

Picture 1: A photo of yourself with ten facts


I'm the blondie in the middle. We thought we were going to freeze to death by morning. We managed to survive.

1 – I don’t use my legal first name
2- I still sleep with a teddybear most nights
3- My favourite colours are blue, green and purple.
4- Scouting has shaped me to be the person I am today, and I think I turned out pretty good
5 – I wish my hair would grow out faster, I miss my long-long-long hair
6- My family is not close.
7- I name my vehicles, ipods/phones, whatever can be named.
8- I struggle with the question of “Do I want kids? Do I want my own kids?”
9- My room is inherently messy, I go through cycles of messy/I’ve cleaned it, it took all day, it’s staying clean!
10- My Daddy is my hero.

Picture 2: A picture of yourself and the person you’ve been closest with the longest

My Daddy and wee me

This is my Dad, circa 1988/89. I’m rocking the baby mullet, so I must be only a year or two here. Dad looks largely the same these days. More grey, which always surprises me when I notice how light his hair’s gotten. (And he doesn’t need glasses anymore, he did done got his eyes fixed.)

Picture 3: A picture of the cast from your favourite show

Attention all personnel. Due to circumstances beyond our control, lunch will be served today.

The Good Ol' Gang

M*A*S*H. The 4077th seemed like a second home to me as a teenager. I’d come home from school just in time to catch the hour of MASH before I had to make dinner. A couple of my friends are having MASHathons currently, watching the whole series from start to finish. We joked about skipping a camp we were all attending last weekend (Feb 18-20) and creating a MASHcave (like a mancave) and doing nothing but watching MASH.

Picture 4: A picture of your night.


"Let them eat cake" wasn't actually said by MA, someone else said it a hundred years before. Ain't history great?

Publicity photos for the Cast of Marie Antoinette: The Colour of Flesh

I’m doing backstage work for the Urban Arts Productions showing of Marie Antoinette: The Colour of Flesh. It’s quite good. Last night was the final dress rehearsal and tonight we open!


So that’s 4/30. Check back soon!


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