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Just the Girl I’m Lookin’ For

Oh Click Five. You’re so deliciously 90s boy-band-esque, it’s amasing.

I’m going to come out and say it: I like pop music.

But most of my pop comes from the 90s, becuase the 90s are amasing. Or are pulled from the few good songs I heard while working at the gap. They play a lot of indie, but also a lot of American pop that we wouldn’t get up here on the radio. Like Bowling For Soup

though the first time I heard this song was at the Parksville Bowling Alley. My friend Sam and I jammed out to it, even though we had no idea what the song was. Then my bestie Emily was looking for songs about “emily” (Admit, you’ve searched for songs that bear your name, too) and found another BFS song a couple years later.
And then I started getting into them, from remembering 1985 and Emily. And they’ve been a staple in my music library since.

Barenaked Ladies are one of my all-time favourite bands, too. So much good music over so many wonderful years. They make music that is so relateable. All I want to do is sing and dance along. They’re also super great in concert!
Light Up My Room is amasing. I didn’t get it when I was younger, but now there is something so pleasantly haunting about it. It sounds like home to me. (Even though my home was nothing like anything in the song. It just….. works.)

The Trews… Oh man. The Trews.
I kinda liked them around 2005/06, and then my friend, Em got us tickets to see them live at the Queen’s – one of the better live venues in Nanaimo. It’s a small club with a stage and crappy service and expensive drinks and a high cover. But sometimes you get decent shows, like the Trews. So, I was 19 and stoked on the show, but couldn’t remember what songs they played on the radio, so I looked them up online and was like “OMG. I love their stuff! This is gonna be AMASING!” (I was 19, gimma a break)

And the concert WAS good. The band walked through the crowd. They passed right beside me. I could have touched them. And later, I was up by the stage and could have, if I was a big enough creeper, could have reached up to molest Colin. (Needless to say, I didn’t. I was a prude back then. I still wouldn’t now though.)

One of my biggest regrets in my clubbing experience was not going up on stage to try to stumble thorugh “Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me”  – the lead singer, Colin, was sick and invited anyone in the crowd to come up and sing, but I didn’t know the words well enough. I mostly knew the chorus at that point. Ah well. The hardcore fangirl next to me didn’t go up either.

Sing Your Heart Out is also an amasing song. It just feels good to listen to. It’s also a GREAT song to belt out in the truck. And I mean BELT OUT. I’m sure the cars around me at stop signs turn their own music up to drown me out….

I suppose The Trews are less pop and more rock, sometimes nearing folk-rock. But Still AWESOME.

Oh yeah, Happy Anna Howard Shaw day! Other reasons to celebrate: The patent of the Telephone went to Mr A. G. Bell, the execution of Captin Cook by Hawai’ian natives and the bombing of Dresden.
My friend is having a German bomber-party with snitzchel, goldschlagger, jaggermeister and various other German things, whilst running around with pots on heads and yelling things in German.
I’m jealous I can’t be there.


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  1. I’d say Click Five is closer to early ’00 boy-bands/pop, but then again I’m no connoisseur. Also, I wish I went to that high school. Pretty sure there were only 5 dudes there.


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