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I Challenge Thee!

Not to a duel though. I’m not so keen on the guns or having to kill  someone. It just seems silly.

No, my challenge is to me. And you, dear reader, if you so choose to participate.

I will refrain from carbonated drinks for the whole of this month.

Apparently pop/fizzy drinks create a lot of bloating and stuff. So, I’mma  see if the cut of sugar/fizz intake helps anything. I will miss gingerale. :/

I’m still veggie, though I don’t know if it’s habit yet. It’s something I really have to think about all the time. So we’ll see how long it stays around.

And at some point (probably april/may) I’m going to work at cutting dairy out of my diet. I will miss milk and cheese, but it also apparently helps shed weight. For now, I’ll keep the proteins. 🙂 (And really, it’s always nice to have the dress you’re wearing to a friend’s wedding be a little looser than it was the last time you tried it on)


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  1. Can I ask a silly question? Since you can’t answer I’m gonna go ahead and do it.

    At the top of your blog it says ‘making myself happy with me’ but everything you write about is concerned with changing yourself, more specifically your outward appearance. To me these seem like contradictory ideas. I’m all for being healthy, but you’re forcing yourself to not eat things you enjoy in order to lose weight, and once your challenge is up and you want to eat cheese again your body will then gain back some of that weight and you’ll be unhappy again. Wouldn’t a better goal be to learn to be satisfied with yourself AS IS? Like I said, being healthy and strong is great, but if your self worth is based on your waist measurement maybe you should spend some of your energy finding out why you feel you have to be skinny to be acceptable.

    I hope I haven’t offended, I really didn’t mean to if I did, I just want to make sure you’re doing all this for the right reasons.


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