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Currently, I’m on four of nine articles to read for my American history class. It’s tedious reading. The current article is the Knights of Labour (an early labour union) manifesto/constitution/rules of operation.
The article before was a court transcript of a NYC Machinst who was getting edged out by the extensive use of assembly lines and automated machinery.

It’s not exactly consuming.

I did finish reading the French Declaration of the Rights and Freedoms of Man and the American Declaration of Independance (which is a lot of whining, really) for European history. And most of what I am to read for BritLit. Left a couple poems to depress me while I eat lunch tomorrow.

So, I’m telling you about my not reading my readings instead of reading.


I spent today florist hunting with KC. We talked to 7 or 8 different florists, and it was only the last 3 that took flowers and put them together in front to show for examples and general ideas. And KC went from thinking of mostly roses to something a little simpler but so great for her. No matter what she picks (We didn’t settle with any one design or florist) she’s going to have some fantastic flowers to carry with her.

And! I made Eddie pick the favours (it was between two options) so that’s that done, too. We’re actually very nicely on track for this. We just need to start making things, like the flowers for the general decor.


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