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Greetings, from the future!

I honestly never thought I’d make it this far. Growing up, I could clearly see my life until my 17th birthday. I could never see past it, it was all black. That’s why I panicked about it. And then nothing happened. Well, I did meet S on my 17th birthday weekend… But we won’t count that.

Over the past year, I’ve had some concerns about a certain part of my health. I talked to three doctors this year, and they all brushed me off. I went to see my family doctor when I went home for the holidays, and took Mum along. The Dr got me some blood tests and a referral for an ultrasound. (That reminds me, I should find a clinic tomorrow…) The bloodwork came back normal, which is nice to hear.

This year brings… a potentially very busy me!
I’ve got school, and will be finally finishing some sort of degree this spring!
I’m the planner for Eddie and KC’s wedding. (OH! Need to call about the candies!)
I should be finding a job this term as well. Hopefully soon-ish.

And, the most exciting thing: I’ve decided that I WILL go to Paris by the end of this year. Hopefully I won’t have to go alone. I am also thinking of late August/early September, but we’ll see what the year brings between now and then.

I’m taking a dance class, which starts next week, I believe. I am also looking into a bootcamp/circut training/other excersize class. I feel like I really need a kickstart in this regular activity thing. I really dislike how I use the “poor weather” as an excuse. I also lack any sort of motivation, which is a recurring theme with me. :/

I have also slackened on my vegetarian ways. I’ve been indulging in carniverous ways… I’ll pick it up more as I get more dollars for groceries. This in-between period for student loans can be pretty brutal. I want to make sure I’m still getting my protein and nutrients while eating next-to-nothing…

I am hoping this year brings about some wonderful things.
Pretty sure it will though. I’m in a pretty good city that I’m learning about more and more.
School is progressing, and I must decide soon whether I’m going to be a historian or feminist for my next schooling adventure…
There is a pretty neat man (I’m grown up enough to a point where “boy” doesn’t cut it anymore. Ack! Yay!) I’m keen on. He’s led me to believe he’s also keen on me, so we’ll see where that goes.
And Scouting is, as always, there for me.
My Scouting family never disappoints and always gives more than you can imagine, so I see it as my contribution to give back and to try to be the best person I can, to bring out the best in others. The Scouting Way.



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  1. I am loving this blog – your honesty challenges me repeatedly to look a little deeper – keep writing and for what it is worth i think a feminist re-look at the lost voices of history is critical!

  2. Paris! I love it – keep us posted on your goal to getting there, pretty please!

  3. Well hello from New Zealand…our weight and measurements are about the same, and our goals are the same…might have to pop back and compare notes. I started travelling mumble years ago when I was 24…it’s great – hope you make it to Paris.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve found i’m pretty well stalled. I also haven’t done anything other than become a vegetarian in my weight-loss goals/efforts.
      I’m hoping I can convince myself to get into the gym at least twice a week, like after class…

      Good luck to you, too!

  4. I’ve just had four weeks at the beach eating rubbish…so I’m ready to get back into it all again. Exercise is incidental for me at this stage: three children and one of them a toddler.

    • Four Weeks! i wish *I* could get a vacation that long!

      My friend has 2 and another on the way, she spends a lot of time playing with her girls and making sure she snacks on healthy things, to get her girls in that habit young, too. She has a LOT of veggies cut up all the time. It’s helped her drop some of her baby weight. (But I’m sure as a seasoned Mum you’re well aware of this. I’m a childless lady, “so I know all the answers” :p)

  5. We have extended family with us, so compromise is the key word. We usually mostly have healthy choices available: so our children really enjoy their few weeks with more ‘naughty’ options.
    (Workers in NZ are entitled to four weeks holiday a year holiday, as a mother, it’s more of a change than a holiday!)


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