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I Don’t Think It Can Get Any Better

(Instantly lifts the table-cloth to touch a lot of wood! I don’t want to jinx this!)

I am one of the luckiest ladies out there right now.

I’m finished with my semester. One more to graduate with an Associates’ Degree, and then onto my Bachelors!
I just had a most wonderful weekend in VanCity, catching up with some old friends and meeting some new ones.
I also got to go on a couple dates while in the city. (Ooer. Say it out loud. Ooo- er.)
I’m home for the holidays.
Kitty and Grizzly are just as fuzzy and adorable as ever.

My fuzzy, shedding babies

Kitten and Grizzy-Bear. Cutest Rotti's ever.

Puddin’cat invaded my bed last night and slept on my feet.

Puddin'cat. She comes when you call!

The Barn Kitties are still identical and adorable and oh-so-fuzzy.

And I have more projects!

I have the wedding to plan still. Today or tomorrow, I’m going to type up all my notes, instead of having them in a binder. It may be easier to have them on the computer as well for ease of transferring.

I’m applying for jobs. Mostly online as I don’t have a working printer. I’m also applying for things I never thought I’d be able to. But it seems I am actually qualified to do things!

I have a secret project that I’m working on. It’s Scouting related, but I can’t say more than that. Mostly because there is a lot of drama going on with it, and I really just want to pound out a draft. I know it will have a lot of changes to it, I fully expect that. But you need a base to jump from.

I’m realising more and more how blessed I am. I don’t worry too much about rent and grocery money (Thanks, student loans!). I have a vehicle. I have luxury material items. I have warm, good clothing. I have several pairs of shoes.

I have a loving family. I have the best damn friends a young lady could ever want or need. And I love and appreciate them. I don’t tell them enough.

I’m healthy (as far as I know), and I’m Happy. Yes, italics required. I’m blessed, loved, cherished and I cannot thank my lucky stars enough.

In this holiday season, take a moment to slow down. Stop, even. Think about how good you have it. You’re warm, dry, well-fed, well shod and warmly clothed. You probably have a cell phone. And a computer of some sort to be able to read this. You’re literate and educated. You’re loved by friends and family.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. (Festivus for the rest of us, if nothing else.)


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