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I fell off mine.

I had a cheeseburger. It was satisfying for about 3 minutes.
Then the guilt set in.

I’m going to blame it on menstral insanity and an explained craving for red meat. I eat a lot of broccoli and sometimes I remember my multi-vitamen, so I’m getting enough iron, but sometimes it doesn’t quite work.

I’m going to pay for this though. I’ve noticed the few times I’ve had meat by accident or otherwise since switching over my tummy roils and rumbles and generally lets me know that it isn’t so keen on processing meat after being meat-free.

I might have to re-think my Turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas and switch to Thanksgiving and Christmas salmons…

But, It’s not the end of the world. It’s not that I have to start all over at step one.

Besides, after eating the burger, I “punished” myself and finished my essay on King Lear. So that’s done, only one more on Love’s Alchemy by John Donne.


On an unrelated note, I’ve  been watching a LOT of Dan Savage Q&A videos on youtube. Lots of questions, lots of slightly sarcastic, but truthful answers. If I were not nearly as educated in life as I am, I would probably find them informative too. As is, I find them mostly entertaining that some people simply do not know about things.
But then I remember the US has abstinance-only sex ed. And then it all makes sense.
Poor America. Last to the gate, but first and loudest to congratulate themselves.

I am also trying (though it can be like pulling teeth at a bad dentists’) to read a book a friend sent me. I’m on about half way through and it’s really getting to be a hubby-hunting how-to.
While it would be nice to stumble upon some sort of relationship, I’m not setting out to find a life partner. A partner in crime sounds more my speed right now.

Also I find I’m really good at fixing your relationship. I just have no clue of how to have one, myself.
Ah well. I’ll figure it out at some point.


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