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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This seems to be the phrase of the week for me. Dean Martin couldn’t have said it better himself.  (Actually, he does, he’s a much better singer than I)

The Best Way to Stay Warm

Is to groove like crazy!
I am hooked on this song. It’s so catchy, and I really just want to get up and bust a move when i hear it. And I have. I had a post-shower groove fest in my room last night. I basically put this on repeat.

And I don’t even like Phil Collins! (It’s Genesis, but still.)


Last weekend was FOCUS -a youth training course hosted by fellow youth for Scouting. It was a big course (33 participants! Holy) and 7 trainers.
I think the youth mostly enjoyed it, and it was a great experience for many of the trainers were new to the scene.

It snowed Friday night and was pretty windy, too. Saturday it was just COLD. Sunday, it snowed more. Again. I am ever so thankful I was able to get a scoop of gravel for Henrietta (My little truck). Otherwise Monday would have been a much different story.

The three female trainers who stayed in the cabin Friday night could not sleep. We all just laid there, not sleeping, thinking the other two were happily passed out. So, Saturday brought about some very tired trainers who managed to keep the energy up. I was very impressed with myself, I usually turn into a massive dragon-lady without enough sleep. I didn’t start to crash until about 3:30-4ish.
And then I still didn’t get to sleep until early Sunday morning!

Up here in the Lovely, sunny, temperate, warm, wonderful Southern Vancouver Island (We do have the mildest climate for all of Canada.), it’s snowing. SNOWING. In NOVEMBER. Last year, we had a wonderful extended Indian Summer and kinda skipped winter altogether. (I wore shorts in February.)

I really enjoyed the camp. I got to hang out with some cool Scouts, Venturers and Rovers, teach them a couple things, saw some different methods of training, and got to see some Scouters I haven’t seen in a while.

In a few short days, I will be braving the cold again to go camping (in tents this time) about an hour North of here.
It’s going to be Cold. And Wet. And Snowy. Possibly icy.

I have no boots (a pair of  rubber rain-boots will not be practical), so I will have to find some. I can winter camp and have done so before with no issues whatsoever. If I can RoVent, I can surely camp on a mountain and then go looking for a WWII plane crash, right?



“All who wander are not lost” – words to live by.



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