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Fall Clean-Up

I know it’s typically “Spring Cleaning”, but we tend to clean (at least, I would hope we all tend to clean) more often than once a year.

Yesterday, I spend an hour and a bit cleaning my room. It wasn’t extraordinarily dirty, just lots of papers and laundry to put away and I also managed to organise things a little more. I have floor space! I can comfortably sit on my floor now. Something I have missed. (I don’t know why, I like sitting on floors.)

This morning, I scrubbed down the bathroom (It’s been like, 2 weeks since I cleaned it last and I’m the only one who gives it a good scrubbin’) and mopped the rest of the house. And also made the kitchen sparkle.
(Only to go away for the weekend and come home sunday to find it dirty again, with a massive clump of hair in the shower stall, courtesy of my roommate with the lovely long, thick hair… Sigh)

Bitterness aside. I’m in a cleaning mood. And this counts for relationships, too.
I keep my facebook pretty clean, but will be going through and un-friending a bunch of people whom I don’t want on my list anymore. I feel I have reached an age where I am allowed to choose who is and who is not on my list.
I’m not being bitchy, merely drama-free. (I REALLY Love being 90% drama free. It’s FANTASTIC. Try it some day.)

This may be too much info, and possibly hurtful to the person, (I don’t know if he reads my blog or not),  but I also broke it off with my lover. (I feel so adult using that term. Nothing fits the definition better.)
In the time he and I have been involved, I have fallen in some crazy lust with him and grown out of it too.
The last time we together…… I wasn’t there. I was physically there, but… my mind was elsewhere. I think I hid it decently well, but by no means did I pull the wool over his eyes. He’s smart, I think he knows something is afoot. (One of the reasons I like him; He’s a smart cookie.)

I think I am finally ready to move on. For good.
He and I had a healthier relationship than one would think. We were able to discuss our situation, and when we  (okay, I) got frustrated, we (I) were (was) able to bring it up and talk about it and figure out a solution. We’ve had some bumps along the way, and we set out the ground rules pretty quickly – we were always free to pursue other relationships (if we wished) but were to break it off between us before we became physically involved with others. (This was to protect us from a health and mental point.)
We’ve been “off” a few times, but hey, that’s casual relationships for ya.

I also think I might be into someone else, it could just be that I’ve missed flattery and am temporarily dazzeled. But I don’t know the other side of the story – perhaps they’re only being polite; perhaps he is simply being friendly while he is dating someone else and I am wholly unaware.

I have my own reservations, but I think it could be lovely to be involved in a relationship again. After all, it’s been nearly three years (ack! Time really flies!) since I last had one. At any rate, even if I stay wholly single, I’m still comfortable with myself and will keep my feelers out for a good man. There’s gotta be one out there. Somewhere.

I’m off to go train some youth to be the awesome leaders I know they can be, so I’ll see you after instilling foundation skills and knowledge into their brains!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


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