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Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. I have always… I don’t want to say “Liked” or “enjoyed” Remembrance Day, but for lack of better words, I have always liked and enjoyed November 11.

It was a day off school, and until grade 3, my family didn’t do much, but I’m sure we observed the moment of silence at 11 am.

In grade 3, I started Guides, and in my small town, we had a Remembrance Day parade that started at the Legion hall and marched through the streets to the cemotaph in the park on the beach. The local Scout and Guide groups were invited to march in the parade so from grade 3 until after high school, I was a part of that sacred parade.

A couple years went by before I really got what Nov 11th was all about. But since I grasped the concept, I have revered the day. I feel it a part of my civic duty to honour those who fell and those they left behind in those terrible wars. They fought so we might be free.

There is nothing so selfless as that. There is nothing more honourable than that.

My Grandpa was in the Air Force, but he didn’t get to be a pilot like he wanted. I believe he served in World War II.

And while war still rages on overseas, everyone needs to stop, just for a moment, and thank those who can’t be with us today, those who went overseas and never left. And thank those souls for fighting so we can enjoy the freedoms we take for granted in this day and age.

If you don’t support the war, at least support the brave men and women overseas fighting to keep our freedoms and privledges. It isn’t easy being away from everything you know and love for no less than six months at a time.

Growing up, I didn’t understand why other families didn’t at least come out to watch the parade. My town pretty much shut down (granted, it is a small town and shuts down on every holiday), so it wasn’t like there was something better to do. My friends used to ask me why I cared so much – I replied that I cared because I really enjoy my freedoms, education, and privledges that the soldiers fought for. They kinda looked at me strange. But I like to think it broadened their opinions a little.

If you can, I highly encourage, nay, implore you, to go to your local cemotaph or Remembrance Day ceremonies. It’s only about a half hour, and doesn’t cost you a penny. Wear your poppy, observe the moment of silence to give thanks and remember, and hug your family.

Lest We Forget.


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