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Hokay, so!

This past week… kinda fell off the map a little. I had a lot going on with school, and felt a little overwhelmed by it all. I had planned to spend the weekend in Vancouver, then my host and a couple good friends of mine planned a hike and I begged to tag along as well, so that meant leaving a day early, as I wouldn’t make it via the first ferry out (the buses have more sense than to be running at 4:something am to get people on the 6am boat).
Which meant skipping a class (whoops…) and thus also missing the chance to talk to my prof about possibly doing something to better my midterm mark (60% = not nearly good enough. Yikes.)

But the hike was good. The “path” was paved and wide enough for at least one work-truck to drive on easily. We made a detour from the original plan, because walking on pavement at a quick hiking pace for 10k up and then 10k down would have rendered me unable to walk… Yay for switching to trails! We basically backtracked along a dirt path which was far better on my poor lower limbs, and I know at least one other was also pleased with theย  (marginally) softer terrain.

It was also a really good chance to talk to my friends whom I love dearly and don’t get to see often enough.

Following the hike, I had a nap while the boys plotted, and then my host and I went for sushi (I have missed good sushi! It was wonderful and delicious.) and then went to a pub for dancing. A friend of my friend was having his b-day there, and apparently enjoys hanging out with Scout types, though he wasn’t much for dancing.

The bar/pub had a really amasing Irish/Scotch/Celtic band which was basically live camp music. I jigged happily away until my hip said “No more of that. You’re having far too much fun” and then I got to lean and sorta bounce along.

But Man, did I ever get my daily dose of exercise!

I didn’t do well for meal planning, but that’s what I get for not sticking to the plan.

So that brings me to the new week.
We started daylight savings this morning, which meant glorious sleeping in times. And they were, in fact, glorious.

But it now means that it’ll be dark by 3pm and that is seriously depressing for one who operates in a state of semi-solar-poweredness. Which also means I’mma hafta really step up my game so it doesn’t best me.
As well as get my essays rollin’ on down the river with the productivity. (Though I already pounded out an Excel lab about IF functions. Hells yeah. The afternoon will have some reading and research happening.)

If anyone out there has any suggestions on Veggie recipes, I would LOVE to hear them. I can troll the web for recipes and ideas, but I would rather have recipes from others who have tried them and know they’re tasty and awesome. Plus, who doesn’t love sharing their favourite recipe?

Thanks, y’all!


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