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The Whole Crazy Thing

I’m a week or so into this blog.

I’ve mostly posted about exercising and changing my diet. While these can (and should) have a large impact on my life, there is more to change!

I used to be a pretty cheery person. I was full of laughter and mirth, I was energetic and active, and really into Scouting and Guiding, serving on area committees and on the provincial levels, respectively.

I left Guiding pretty abruptly after a very horrible experience with my Commissioner. I left and never looked back. I lost of a lot of the girls I was friendly with after leaving.

When  I moved groups and then councils, I took a step down from  Scouting politics. I was happy being only a Rover – it was about all I had time for between working full-time and struggling to make rent and fighting to make my first real/grown-up/mostly healthy relationship work…

And then somewhere along the line I lost my fun. I forgot how to jump. I’m learning, but everything still seems to have a cynical edge. I want to learn to curb that. I make judgements about people, and it is really not my place to do so. Who am I to say someone is _______, when I don’t know their side of the story?

I’m currently a Scouter, and I can only hope by the end of the year, I’ll have earned the title. I’m enjoying working with the kids, and the maturity levels between our oldest and youngest is hilarious. Each Scout, of course, has their own personality and they’ve been through last year together, so they already know all the quirks and oddities of the rest of them. It’s also a small troop, so we get a lot of small group and one-on-one with skill development.
I’m hoping that along the line, being in a leadership role with these kids, I can find my courage to jump more and jump again.

I hope these kids get to experience some of the great things I did as a Scout and Venturer. I travelled to PEI in 2001 with Scouts and then to Merritt the next day with Guides. I’ve been to London and Scotland with Scouts in 2004. I’ve met some very amasing people in Scouting, and even fell for a couple of them. I’ve learned not all Scouts are Honest and Trustworthy. I’ve been around the island and the sunshine coast with Scouts. I’ve been to Disneyland and Mexico with Guides.

These organisations are incredible. They offer so many opportunities for youth and adults. They may not beat you over the head with them, but they certainly don’t hide them.

I am currently working on my Scouting CV to apply for the ANYC – West. See link:
What it is is basically the second-in-command for Youth in Scouting for the Western provinces.
Like an über Deputy Area Commissioner – Youth. (DAC-Y)
I hope to get it, but am realistic about my chances.

So I need to focus on bettering myself in a couple different ways.


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