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Supper’s Ready!

I don’t know how many times I have stood at the top of the steps of the porch or the back door, hollerin’ out “BOYS! SUPPER’S READY!!”  while Mum stands in the kitchen and tells me she could have done that, go get my shoes on and tell them. (They being my Dad and annoying older brother, usually doin’ man stuff in the shop or pasture.)

I started off today by waking up 15 mintes before my alarm went off (bonus) and then spent an hour or so poking around the internets before I looked at the clock and went “Oh. I should get going with my day!”
So, off I went to my local farmers market.

Turns out it’s not as local as I’d hoped. Lots of imported foods, much like I’d find at my regular supermarket. And the prices weren’t as low as I’d hoped. A few things were cheaper, but not many. I found a lot of fruits were more expensive than at the grocery store. Go figure. They also had some items that left much to be desired – avo’s that were rock hard or rotten-soft as opposed to merely “ripe”. But, I did find some nice local produce – the farm is literally just down the road – to start my dietary changes.

Then, as I haven’t been properly grocery shopping in a long time (I’d pick up a few things here and there. and I ate out a lot, which is bad of me. Bad girl.), I hit up the local supermarket, too. All in all, I spent about 100$ today on food. and almost half was on fresh veggies, 20$ was on my favourite bars – Lärabars. (So, SO GOOD. Made with cashews, almonds, dates and whatever fruit is the flavour. No preservative, raw-diet friendly, vegan and kosher, no salt, nothing but tasty amasing goodness.)

I did miss a few things – tofu and yogurt, but I can pick those up in a couple days or maybe next week.
I am really hoping these veggies last me more than a week, though they probably won’t. I see more clearly the draw of veggie’s to grow their own. it’s like, 50 cents for a packet of carrot seeds, or 99 cents a pound for the grown up versions…

Breakfast was the half-glass of milk I couldn’t finish last night, and lunch was a Lärabar and a yellow-bean cake, inhaled as I was on my way to class. Suprisingly filling.

But Supper….. oh, glory yes.
I was excited to cook my first “official” veggie meal. I haven’t looked at recipes, I haven’t dabbled much in veggie-cookery, so I just made a stir-fry. Simple, easy, tasty, done.

I used yams, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, green pepper and a couple almonds. I tossed in some garlic and lemon juice and just before I took it off the stove, I added some stir-fry sauce. It wasn’t needed. Next time I will use either the garlic/lemon OR the sauce.

I realised as I was pouring the amasing looking veggies onto my plate that I didn’t have rice or noodles to go with it. So, because I cannot feel full until I’ve had some carbs (It’s bad, I know. But I love carbs. I have to break myself of this habit.), I popped some bread into the toaster. It’s made without flour, made with sprouted alfalfa and sweetened with whole organic apples (or so says the bag). I was expecting some sort of horrible, dry cardboard to suck all the moisture from my mouth upon the first bite. I smothered it in butter, and took a good bite. It was dry, yes, and a little hard to get down, but it wasn’t terrible. I ate the rest of it with a piece of mushroom or green pepper or pea for taste. It was good.

I feel full and not heavy. I have a little left over, I’ll probably have it as part of lunch tomorrow.

One thing I’ll need to spend time figuring out is portion control and balancing my diet. I can still have cereal, granola, and pretty much anything and everything I ate as a carnivore. Just not meat.

I didn’t get out walking today. I think I’m going to go with a two-on, one-off routine. I got out Saturday and Sunday, I’ll take Monday off. Tomorrow, I’ll hit up the gym at the college between classes.

No Rumblies in MY Tumbly!

No Rumblies in MY Tumbly!


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  1. I just mentioned in my post today how we dug up our sweet potatoes … very healthy, and so tasty. Do you enjoy the yams? I think it is neat that you are documenting your healthy choices. I notice I put ranch on everything, including veggies. Probably not the best decision:)

    • I did enjoy the yams 🙂 I’ve quite liked them since mum foisted them upon us as teenagers and she was on the Atkins diet, haha.

      And even if you put ranch on everything, as long as you’re moderately active (Living on a farm would make that pretty easy), and eating healthily anyway, you’re in the clear!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I look forward to reading yours 🙂

  2. omg that food looks good 🙂


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