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A Woman’s Perogative

(Is to change her mind)


Wow, research. It’s an incredible thing.

I thought I had researched cleanses pretty thoroughly, but… but then I started thinking about the practicality of actually doing one.
I read one man’s recount of his cleanse after he had completed it. He had the desired effects I was hoping to achieve, but then I read on. And found I would have to spend a lot longer preparing my cleanse drink of choice and then spend about an hour in the bathroom in the morning.

As a non-morning person (I am a veritable Dragon-lady in the morning. Talk to me after 10am, please.), I found that to be a huge roadblock. I’m sorry, I am not getting up at 6am to accommodate that. Plus I’m sure my roommates would appreciate being able to brush their teeth before work or class, too.

So, back to the drawing board!

Back to the online research. I heard about Raw Food diets and wanted to learn about them.
There is a lot of into about Raw Food Diets.
I read this site extensively (
and a few others, but I found this one to be the most comprehensive, even with the occasional typo.

Then I looked into Vegan Diets. (
I’m sorry, I can’t be a vegan.

So that leaves me with… vegetarian?
It’s not actually a hard switch, I think. I already don’t eat a lot of meat protein whilst in school, mostly because it’s expensive and the local supermarket doesn’t have very nice cuts of meat.

(Let’s be honest: I would miss cheese. I’ve been branching out lately and have found some very pleasant new discoveries.)

I am also going to be checking out the local farmer’s market. It’s a titch out of the way, but local fresh produce is worth it, right?

I will still eat fish, so I guess I’m more of a pescatarian. (
This prospect is exciting but I am approaching with caution. I know I will not succeed if I just launch myself into a wholly different diet.
And so, we begin a transitional stage. This is aided by the near-total lack of groceries in my part of the fridge. Which means I can start myself off with lots more veggies than I’d normally pick up.

It also helps that I can have still eat granola, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Though I will be limiting my dairy consumption, as an extra dietary change.

This new approach to eating will also make me open myself up to new things – eating nuts and seeds more often. I like them, but they aren’t what I reach for when feeling peckish.

oh, as part of going semi-veggi-saurus, I’ll be cutting out a good part of how much processed foods I eat. I’ll be baking my own cookies and muffins nd might tackle bread again… but I’m going to try to make myself healthy. Eating better is a huge part of that.

I’m wandering forward, but I’m not lost yet.



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  1. Dear silly girl: please remember to make sure that while you are going towards being a veggie-saurus, you still need to make sure you’re eating “complete” proteins. There are no vegetable-based proteins that have all of the amino acids your body knows and loves and normally gets from eating animals. Please do ALL of your research before you go all out. K?

    • Yes, I know I can’t just go from a carnivore to herbavore.
      Hence the transition period.
      And I’ve been talking to Veggie friends and taking their advice under consideration.
      And apparently, yes, we can get all the protiens and amino acids and enzymes and carbs and fats and whatever else we need from fruits/vegs/nuts/seeds/fish. Though I should take a supplement to aid in that, especially for the first few months.

      • I’m not saying you can’t get all of the stuff from veggies, I’m just saying that it’s not as conveniently packaged as it is when one is an omnivore. Usually, things you get from meat are not all obtainable from the same vegetable source. It’s just a balancing game. I’m glad you’re getting advice from real people, too, and not just the internet.

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