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Let’s Try Something New


This is an experiment.

I am 23 and stand at 5’5″. I weigh in somewhere between 150 and 160 lbs. I am at the very top end of the BMI for my age and height.

I want to change this. I know this won’t happen overnight. I wish it would though.
A few weeks ago, I was fully submerged in the self-pity, “I’m fat” pool of misery. That had to stop.

I want to look good in swimsuits. I want to get second looks. I want to be fit. I want to be healthy.

So! That brings me here. This blog will document my struggles, triumphs and fails on my journey to fitting into my skinny jeans. (Size 4.) I would love more than anything to have a flat(ish, let’s me reasonable here) stomach.

As much as defined abs would be incredible, I have always had a tummy and I don’t expect it to disappear. I just want it much smaller.

I started yesterday, actually. I got myself outside and wandered on over to Mount Douglas. I don’t know exactly how far I went, but looking at google, I would imagine I went about 2 – 2.5 kms, plus return.
I walked for most of it, and hiked at a good pace through the trails. On the way back, I jogged through the trails and walked once I got back to the sidewalks. My poor knees can’t handle running on cement.
I felt good. I really enjoyed it. I loved being outside on a sunny October day. I didn’t die and had pretty good breath control for most of it. I only started wheezing towards the end, after I had sprinted up a hillock.

Today’s plan? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just go for a short wander around. And drink some water. (I am TERRIBLE for not drinking water. I should drink more.)

I make no promises about how often I update, but I’ll try to make it semi-regular.


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  1. Drink tons! Eat a lot! (the right stuff though)
    state your goal, whats your weight now, what do you want it to be.
    Also what size you are now and what you want to be.

    Furthermore, state some action steps you are going to take to accomplish this, let the readers support you and give pointers along the way.

    • I am currently trying to find a set up that will let me post a sidebar Goals/Measurements mini-blog type of thing. So I can see it, right there on the front page, insted of having it hidden in a post somewhere.



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