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Cone of Shame

Cone of Shame, I’d like to introduce you to the Lizard of Humiliation.

This weekend started out innocently enough.
My friend Nick ( hosted a pub night, and invited a bunch of Rovers out to it. Rovers are great people – we’re Scouts, but 18-26 instead of 12-14, so we get to do way more cool things, without Mum’s permission!
He invited me out Thursday night, but I had to decline. My Rover Crew was doing a work party at Camp Bernard. We’ve had a project for the last couple years and we’re not close to done, but we’re working on it. We also had investitures.

I was sorely tempted to ditch out on my crew and party it up in VanCity. But, I did the right thing and went to dig some holes instead.

I did leave early though, my Roommates were having a party. I invited some friends along too, because it’s way awkward playing co-host to a party and you only know the people you live with.

I had a really good time. I might have gotten a little out of control. I should have known better and I should have hidden my phone from me. Or shut it off. I only sent one text, but it was mean-spirited and I did send an apology text. But having to do so was some damn bitter powder to suck on. What I said was true, but I was pretty childish about it.

So yeah.
My goals are this next week are:
First and foremost – drink some more damn water! Be it mixed with tea or lemon or whatever, I need to consistantly up my water intake.

Second-in-command is to get my lazy butt to the gym. There is a free one at school, or I can pay 50$/month at the Y. Take my pick, I need to get some cardio and whatnot happening on a semi-regular basis.

and thirdly – be a nicer person. Think more happy and kinds thoughts then mean ones that judge. It’s not my place to do so anyway.

Happy hallowe’en!


Chuggin’ Along

This week has been…. different.

I have not been as active as I should have been. I have been eating veg-friendly though. I made a chili last night that was actually really good and judging by the half-empty pot on the stove this afternoon, my roommate(s) dug in as well.

It had potatoes, yams, carrots, green beans, a dried bean mix (they turned crunchy, it’s different), garlic, crushed tomatoes, and mushrooms. Paired with that wheat-free bread again, it’s pretty tasty. Tonight I put some cheese on top to mix it up.

I haven’t yet told my family. Dad was in the hospital for the past couple days with a kidney stone, and he came home yesterday after surgery… And felt it wasn’t the time. But I think I’m going home in a couple weeks, so I’ll tell them then.

I keep telling myself I need to get myself to the gym, and it’s true. I need to get my lazy butt into gear if I want to actually shed some “ell-bees”. I’m probably not as “fat” as I think I am, but…. it’s what I see when I look down or in the mirror. and the measurements speak out as well. If it wasn’t as bad as I thought, the numbers would be smaller.

I also need to work on my portion control. I have been eating/snacking a lot between meals, especially after dinner. Even though I feel full after dinner, I snack. It’s a bad bad bad bad bad habit.

I’ve had some good and bad days with the water consumption. I find filling my glass about half-3/4s full makes me drink more, somehow. I think it’s a mind trick or something.

So yeah. I’m on my way out the door for Rovers, it’s our hallowe’en party tonight, and I’m dressing up as a polar bear!  I hope you have a good night!

Supper’s Ready!

I don’t know how many times I have stood at the top of the steps of the porch or the back door, hollerin’ out “BOYS! SUPPER’S READY!!”  while Mum stands in the kitchen and tells me she could have done that, go get my shoes on and tell them. (They being my Dad and annoying older brother, usually doin’ man stuff in the shop or pasture.)

I started off today by waking up 15 mintes before my alarm went off (bonus) and then spent an hour or so poking around the internets before I looked at the clock and went “Oh. I should get going with my day!”
So, off I went to my local farmers market.

Turns out it’s not as local as I’d hoped. Lots of imported foods, much like I’d find at my regular supermarket. And the prices weren’t as low as I’d hoped. A few things were cheaper, but not many. I found a lot of fruits were more expensive than at the grocery store. Go figure. They also had some items that left much to be desired – avo’s that were rock hard or rotten-soft as opposed to merely “ripe”. But, I did find some nice local produce – the farm is literally just down the road – to start my dietary changes.

Then, as I haven’t been properly grocery shopping in a long time (I’d pick up a few things here and there. and I ate out a lot, which is bad of me. Bad girl.), I hit up the local supermarket, too. All in all, I spent about 100$ today on food. and almost half was on fresh veggies, 20$ was on my favourite bars – Lärabars. (So, SO GOOD. Made with cashews, almonds, dates and whatever fruit is the flavour. No preservative, raw-diet friendly, vegan and kosher, no salt, nothing but tasty amasing goodness.)

I did miss a few things – tofu and yogurt, but I can pick those up in a couple days or maybe next week.
I am really hoping these veggies last me more than a week, though they probably won’t. I see more clearly the draw of veggie’s to grow their own. it’s like, 50 cents for a packet of carrot seeds, or 99 cents a pound for the grown up versions…

Breakfast was the half-glass of milk I couldn’t finish last night, and lunch was a Lärabar and a yellow-bean cake, inhaled as I was on my way to class. Suprisingly filling.

But Supper….. oh, glory yes.
I was excited to cook my first “official” veggie meal. I haven’t looked at recipes, I haven’t dabbled much in veggie-cookery, so I just made a stir-fry. Simple, easy, tasty, done.

I used yams, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, green pepper and a couple almonds. I tossed in some garlic and lemon juice and just before I took it off the stove, I added some stir-fry sauce. It wasn’t needed. Next time I will use either the garlic/lemon OR the sauce.

I realised as I was pouring the amasing looking veggies onto my plate that I didn’t have rice or noodles to go with it. So, because I cannot feel full until I’ve had some carbs (It’s bad, I know. But I love carbs. I have to break myself of this habit.), I popped some bread into the toaster. It’s made without flour, made with sprouted alfalfa and sweetened with whole organic apples (or so says the bag). I was expecting some sort of horrible, dry cardboard to suck all the moisture from my mouth upon the first bite. I smothered it in butter, and took a good bite. It was dry, yes, and a little hard to get down, but it wasn’t terrible. I ate the rest of it with a piece of mushroom or green pepper or pea for taste. It was good.

I feel full and not heavy. I have a little left over, I’ll probably have it as part of lunch tomorrow.

One thing I’ll need to spend time figuring out is portion control and balancing my diet. I can still have cereal, granola, and pretty much anything and everything I ate as a carnivore. Just not meat.

I didn’t get out walking today. I think I’m going to go with a two-on, one-off routine. I got out Saturday and Sunday, I’ll take Monday off. Tomorrow, I’ll hit up the gym at the college between classes.

No Rumblies in MY Tumbly!

No Rumblies in MY Tumbly!

A Woman’s Perogative

(Is to change her mind)


Wow, research. It’s an incredible thing.

I thought I had researched cleanses pretty thoroughly, but… but then I started thinking about the practicality of actually doing one.
I read one man’s recount of his cleanse after he had completed it. He had the desired effects I was hoping to achieve, but then I read on. And found I would have to spend a lot longer preparing my cleanse drink of choice and then spend about an hour in the bathroom in the morning.

As a non-morning person (I am a veritable Dragon-lady in the morning. Talk to me after 10am, please.), I found that to be a huge roadblock. I’m sorry, I am not getting up at 6am to accommodate that. Plus I’m sure my roommates would appreciate being able to brush their teeth before work or class, too.

So, back to the drawing board!

Back to the online research. I heard about Raw Food diets and wanted to learn about them.
There is a lot of into about Raw Food Diets.
I read this site extensively (
and a few others, but I found this one to be the most comprehensive, even with the occasional typo.

Then I looked into Vegan Diets. (
I’m sorry, I can’t be a vegan.

So that leaves me with… vegetarian?
It’s not actually a hard switch, I think. I already don’t eat a lot of meat protein whilst in school, mostly because it’s expensive and the local supermarket doesn’t have very nice cuts of meat.

(Let’s be honest: I would miss cheese. I’ve been branching out lately and have found some very pleasant new discoveries.)

I am also going to be checking out the local farmer’s market. It’s a titch out of the way, but local fresh produce is worth it, right?

I will still eat fish, so I guess I’m more of a pescatarian. (
This prospect is exciting but I am approaching with caution. I know I will not succeed if I just launch myself into a wholly different diet.
And so, we begin a transitional stage. This is aided by the near-total lack of groceries in my part of the fridge. Which means I can start myself off with lots more veggies than I’d normally pick up.

It also helps that I can have still eat granola, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Though I will be limiting my dairy consumption, as an extra dietary change.

This new approach to eating will also make me open myself up to new things – eating nuts and seeds more often. I like them, but they aren’t what I reach for when feeling peckish.

oh, as part of going semi-veggi-saurus, I’ll be cutting out a good part of how much processed foods I eat. I’ll be baking my own cookies and muffins nd might tackle bread again… but I’m going to try to make myself healthy. Eating better is a huge part of that.

I’m wandering forward, but I’m not lost yet.


Jump Start?

Something I have been interested in for a while is a cleanse.

They seem kinda granola-hippy/super-intense-health-nut to me. But I have read up on them several times. They all have, for the most part, good reviews, with posters raving about their results, ranging from feeling better, not having to eat as much to feel full after completion, and some even lost weight.

Now, I’m sure anyone would lose weight after only ingesting  juices for a week.

I was first exposed to the idea by someone I used to work with. I used to be a lifeguard and as you can expect, most of them are pretty healthy people. One lady was doing a cleanse as part of a bigger change, I think it had something to do with some health issues.
I thought it was kinda weird, and didn’t really think about it for a while.

Last year, I was talking to my friend in Calgary and she said her personal trainer was about to start her on a cleanse. That’s when I actually started thinking about it for reals.

It’s so tempting to just launch into a cleanse, only having juice (lemon, maple syrup, cayenne and water is a popular one) for 5-10 days.
Hello, fainting spells!

So, I’m going to go with the safe route. And slowly work my way into it.
Starting with drinking more water and weaning myself off animal products – meat, dairy, eggs, etc.
I’m going to miss my milk.

And getting used to drinking enormous amounts of water.

And eating more fruits and veggies than I have been. (I have been a very bad girl.)

So the plan is to be doing this cleanse by Wednesday. Today is Sunday. This gives me three days to pick a method and recipe and get ready for it. (Eep!)
It should be interesting to see how it affects my daily life – this week I’ve got Scouts, Rovers, a work party (Digging holes for fence posts), a Hallowe’en party and then lifeguarding for my friends’ Scout troop as they work in a stream.


I’m going to be eating a lot of apples and carrots.

Wish me luck!

Let’s Try Something New


This is an experiment.

I am 23 and stand at 5’5″. I weigh in somewhere between 150 and 160 lbs. I am at the very top end of the BMI for my age and height.

I want to change this. I know this won’t happen overnight. I wish it would though.
A few weeks ago, I was fully submerged in the self-pity, “I’m fat” pool of misery. That had to stop.

I want to look good in swimsuits. I want to get second looks. I want to be fit. I want to be healthy.

So! That brings me here. This blog will document my struggles, triumphs and fails on my journey to fitting into my skinny jeans. (Size 4.) I would love more than anything to have a flat(ish, let’s me reasonable here) stomach.

As much as defined abs would be incredible, I have always had a tummy and I don’t expect it to disappear. I just want it much smaller.

I started yesterday, actually. I got myself outside and wandered on over to Mount Douglas. I don’t know exactly how far I went, but looking at google, I would imagine I went about 2 – 2.5 kms, plus return.
I walked for most of it, and hiked at a good pace through the trails. On the way back, I jogged through the trails and walked once I got back to the sidewalks. My poor knees can’t handle running on cement.
I felt good. I really enjoyed it. I loved being outside on a sunny October day. I didn’t die and had pretty good breath control for most of it. I only started wheezing towards the end, after I had sprinted up a hillock.

Today’s plan? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just go for a short wander around. And drink some water. (I am TERRIBLE for not drinking water. I should drink more.)

I make no promises about how often I update, but I’ll try to make it semi-regular.